Online baby massage video course

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Discover the ancient art of Baby massage, reinforce the loving bond between you and your baby with our online video course.

Suitable for babies from 6 weeks old!

You will learn:
The most effective and popular techniques of baby massage. Baby massage is a proven technique to help you relax, connect with and soothe your baby through gentle touch and massage techniques. Some studies even suggest that baby massage can help to relieve symptoms of colic, teething, constipation and nasal congestion.

You will get online video lessons, lifetime access!

This course includes PDF Course outline with detailed descriptions

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I can't recommend Little Ducklings Baby Massage enough! Emma has such a lovely way with the babies and mummies and has a great knowledge of baby massage and its huge benefits. My daughter loves getting massaged as part of her daily routine. We both loved the course. Thank you Emma! Xxx

Lesson 1

Infant Massage strokes for legs and feet

We begin with the legs and feet. Babies of any age enjoy having their legs and feet massaged. It gives baby a chance to establish trust and accept massage gradually.

Establish eye contact with your baby and smile. Ask baby’s permission: “Can Mummy give you a wonderful massage?”

Be sure to remove all rings and bracelets. Apply a small amount of natural oil (we like organic sunflower oil) into your hands and gently warm it between your palms.

Lesson 2 

Tummy Massage

Massaging baby’s stomach is an excellent way to relieve constipation and it helps ease colic and wind. It will also tone your baby’s intestinal system and it’s also incredibly comforting and soothing for bub.

We begin by asking baby’s permission: “Can Mummy give you a wonderful Tummy Massage?”

Lesson 3

Hand and arm massage.

Massaging your baby’s hands is a great way to calm baby and get them ready for bed. As you are massaging, imaging you are releasing all of baby’s tension out through their fingertips.

Lesson 4 

Face, neck and scalp

The face and head have highly developed nerve endings. Massaging these areas has a very significant effect on the entire nervous system. A baby’s face accumulates a lot of tension by sucking, teething and crying. By massaging baby’s face, it relaxes these areas, and also stimulates the lymphatic system. A gentle massage on the cheeks can also help relieve sinus congestion.

Take care not to press on the soft spots (fontanelles) on your baby’s head.

Lesson 5

Back Massage

Massaging the back has a powerful effect on the nervous system, which in turn helps increase the circulation and relaxes the whole body. Massaging baby’s back will also contribute to their motor development, improve their posture, muscle tone and general flexibility.

Always work on either side of the spine. Not the spine itself.