Why Baby Massage? The benefits of this ancient artform

Why Baby Massage? The benefits of this ancient artform 

Why Baby Massage? The benefits of this ancient artform

Creates a Bond that will last a lifetime
You need to have a bond with your baby so baby feels loved, secure, protected and that their needs are met, which ensures a baby's survival. A traumatic birth, postnatal depression or feeding issues can slow the bonding process with is important for the mothers emotional health. You are biologically designed to bond with your baby through eye contact, touch, exchanging personal odours and vocalising. Through our loving massage we insure all these needs are meet, hence strengthening the bond between you and your baby. This is why massage is recommended by many health care providers.

A Happier Baby
Massaging your baby increases oxytocin (the happy hormone) in both mother and child. Raises endorphin levels which promotes healing and a feel-good disposition. Reduces the stress hormones like cortisol and norepinephrine, so as a result, your baby becomes calmer more relaxed as their breathing and heart rate slows down.

Encourages baby's development
Massage promotes physical self awareness as the brain is stimulated by all the new sensations. Massage tones the muscles and makes joints more flexible great for learning to crawl and walk. Massage increase’s the oxygen and nutrients vital for growth and repair.

Enhances Communication with Baby
Massaging your baby helps you learn your baby's cues. By massaging your baby you are telling your baby you are here for them. You care for them this enhances your communication with each other, and therefore builds baby's self-esteem and sociability.

Ease Discomfort
Colic, gas and constipation can cause baby discomfort. Massaging your baby's tummy can help expel gas by breaking down trapped air bubbles, help to empty the stomach of its contents which relieves constipation, tones baby's intestinal system and is soothing and relaxing. Massaging babies cheeks and gums can ease teething pains.

Promotes better sleep
Massage soothes baby's nerves, relieves muscular tension and calms helping baby drift peacefully into a deep, relaxing sleep.

Improves skin conditions
Applying natural oil to skin can soothe baby’s skin, especially babies that suffer from cradle cap, dry skin or eczema.

Why would'nt you massage your baby!