Live pregnancy yoga course via Zoom Thursdays 8.00pm - 9.15pm.

I invite you to explore the endless benefits of pregnancy yoga during this special time of your pregnancy.

Designed for women in their second and third trimester. 

What you need for the online classes

  • A computer or mobile device with a camera

  • Mat, blankets (for relaxation)

  • Comfortable clothing

  • A quiet place

  • Set up your computer/mobile device so that the camera is facing your mat

 This course will include:

Week 1: Guidelines for safe practice and standing poses. I invite you to stretch and mobilize the spine and improve stability. Subtly invigorating. A soothing flowing class that will include how to use the breath to deeply relax and reduce anxiety.  You will learn breathing techiques to use during birth. Positive affirmations to use during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

We finish the class with a hypno birthing script for deep relaxation and a positive birth. 

 Week 2:  We build stability and support the physical changes. We focus on releasing tension in the lower back, upper back and shoulders. We work through some soothing sequences that focus on releasing tension.

We finish the class with a colours of the rainbow deep relaxation script.

Week 3: Pregnancy sun salutations with flowing breathe work. We use yoga poses to bring comfort, support mobility and build strength.

Finishing the class with a fear releasing hypnobirthing script. 

Week 4: We give ourselves permission to honour our bodies. We focus on our goddess pose which is fierce, strengthens the body. Invites warmth and calms the mind. Tones and strengthens and creates space in the pelvic.

We finish with the most beautiful Yoga Nidra script for deep relaxation and bonding. 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra is believed to be worth 3 to 4 hours sleep. 

Week 5: We begin with a heart womb meditation. Beautiful and powerful. A nourishing class to rest our bodies. Slow, gentle movements creating space in the body and relieving areas of tension. Nurture and recharge the body. 

Week 6: A practice to honour the every changing body. We use movements and positions to get baby into an optimal foetal position ready for birth.  

We end with a deep relaxation (savasana) and hypnosis session. 

How do I book?


Phone: 07922484728


The Pregnancy Yoga classes were a great way to relax, get to know my changing body, spend time connecting with my bump and meeting other mums to be. Emma made the class relaxing and easy to follow for a yoga beginner like me. I enjoyed spending time talking to other mums in the class and getting tips for labour. I found I slept better, wasn't as sore in the final few weeks of pregnancy and I had met new people. I would definitely recommend these classes. Thanks Emma!

Absolutely loved Thursday evenings knowing yoga class was on! Such a lovely, relaxing class. Helped alot with leg cramps, back pain and heartburn! Emma is such a welcoming and friendly instructor and made our class into a little community for mummies who can all help each other and share our experiences. Can't recommend enough xx