What to expect from a little ducklings baby massage class?

My mission is to create a community for mums (and dad's a like) where they can stimulate, nurture and bond with their babies through the ancient art of baby massage. 

We dim the lights at each venue and play relaxing music creating a warm, welcoming, inviting enviroment. 

Each class usually begins with deep abdominal breathing using lavender essentail oil, stretching and relaxation exercises to relax mum. 

At the start of each new course I ask the mums to introduce themselves and their babies. They also share a little bit of personal information, which helps to bring the group together and form friendships. 

Our wonderful mums at our gorgeous venue in Belfast!

We start each session with our beautiful welcome song for baby followed by massage strokes. Each week we focuse on a specfic body part. Week one is the legs and feet. 

Baby Massage has been used for centuries, across the world, to improve parent-baby bonding, promote better sleep, aid digestion and relieve teething pains. I am passionate about sharing this wonderful technique and experience with other parents and babies, and still use some of the massage strokes with my son Finn ( aged 3 ) and daughter Molly (aged 1).


Our baby massage course supports your baby’s development whilst remaining baby-led and flexible. So please feed, change and cuddle baby. 

We end each session with some yummy cake, tea and coffee giving the mums a chance to chat and socialise. 

Our Holywood course take place in the beauitful Old School Hall, Holywood. The hall is pram friendly. Free parking is available on surrounding streets or in the church carpark across the road. 

Our Bangor course takes place in the wonderful creche in Bangor Aurora. Free carparking available and pram friendly. 

I look forward to welcoming you and your baby on one of the 6-week baby massage courses. 

Any questions please just ask.

All the love, Emma xx