Emma's tips to relax mums to be, new mums and babies during lockdown.

Hey there, 

I am Emma, founder of Little Ducklings Baby Massage and Pregnancy yoga. My passion and life's mission is to help mums relax and bond with their little ones through the power of touch and play.

I have been a massage therapist for over 15 years. I started little ducklings 5 years ago after the birth of my first little boy. Little Ducklings has organically grown and I now specialise in pregnancy yoga and postnatal massage. I am a qualified, fully insured baby massage instructor, kids yoga teacher. Pregnancy and prenatal teacher. Baby yoga teacher and birth rocks mentor.


I want to share with you some simple techniques you can do at home to relax you and your baby. 

 Some little pick me up's if you're feeling overwhelmed. 

Give yourself permission to rest. Although the outside world seems to be at a stand still our jobs as mums never stop maybe even more so as we don't have the extra support from parents and friends. 

Rest or nap when baby does. I know this is often easier said than done so make it easy for yourself. Get into comfy clothes. If it's during the day close the blinds. If you have piles of laundry or cleaning to be done write it down on a list for you to work through it later in the day.

I recommend listening to Yoga Nidra. Its so good for deep rest. 45 minutes of Yoga Nidra is worth 3 hours of regular sleep due to series of brain waves. It is also fantastic for reducing stress and anxiety. 

Go for a walk in nature.

Do something that brings you joy. A hobby you had before you had kids maybe dancing, cooking, baking, reading, yoga or painting. 

Have a relaxing bath. Light some candles and add some lavender or chamomile essential oil to unwind. 

 Deep Abdominal Breathes. Inhaling for the count of 4 through the nose and exhale to the count of 8 through the month. 

Play your favourite playlist.

Listen to some positive affirmations or you could write your own. 

Watch a funny movie. 

Try some gentle yoga.

Its very normal as a new mum to feel overwhelmed your emotions are up and down due to hormones and sleep deprivation but if you are not okay please reach out and ask for help. 

Yoga. Why I love yoga so much for pregnancy and postnatal mums! 

It helps mums get out of their heads and into their bodies.

Prepares the body for labour.

Eases aches and pains, especially back, legs cramps and heartburn.

Connects mums to womb space and baby

Helps mums learn how to follow their intuition 

Helps mums have a deep and restful nights sleep.

Tips for bonding with your little one during lockdown!

You are doing an amazing job!

The first year after having a baby is such a special time laying the foundations of positive touch is so important for brain development. Some tips for bonding with your little one. 

Skin to skin

Eye contact

Singing and talking to your baby

Smell your baby

Baby wearing

Dance with your baby

Have a relaxing bath together.

Massage - Stroking your baby releases oxytocin (happy hormones in both mum and baby)

Understanding the 4th trimester. The first trimester is the 12 week period immediately after you have had your baby. It is a time of great physical and emotional change as baby adjusts to the world outside the womb. Recreating the womb with white noise, close skin contact, warmth, movement, dim lights and warm water can really help with the transition and soothe and calm baby. 

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Personal growth

I wake up before my kids to practice yoga, write a journal or do some work. 

I love to listen to podcasts and read books. 

I also try to step out of my comfort zone by being vulnerable every now and again. 

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