Our bedtime rountine and my top sleep tips!


Bedtime and sleep is a huge topic with my mum friends and mums in my classes. Lets be honest, we would all love a bit more sleep. Whoever made up sleep like a baby is a liar! Sleep is the holy grail and often I think sleep deprivation is the hardest bit about being a new mum. I am not a sleep expert and I have no idea what happens in the early hours of the morning in your house, but I just thought I would share my bedtime rountine with you. Feel free to share yours :)

My husband often works shifts or late so I usually tackle bedtime alone. 

5.00pm - We have an early dinner usually `around 5pm. When I was growing up I often thought this was so early compared to my friends but I am slowly morphing into my mum and my little boys belly knows its dinner time by 4.30pm as he is asking where his dinner is? He is 3 so can't tell the time, but that hungry belly knows. 

5.45- Bath time usually every other day or shower in the morning. 

6.15pm- We have some supper usually weetabixs or a pancake. Peter rabbit is Mr Fins favorite program at the moment so we usually have one eposide of that. 

6.30pm- We head upstairs. Mr Finley's pjs go on. Then its toilet and we brush our teeth. 

6.40pm- We read our two stories. I would usually give Finley a little foot massage/leg massage or back rub while little Molly is happy enough exploring around the room. We get into bed and tell some made up stories with some cuddles and a kiss goodnight. Finley sings or chats away to himself until he falls asleep. 

 6.50pm- I take little Molly downstairs I give her a little massage with some chamoline and lavender essentail oils. 

7.00pm. Breastfeed and put her in her sleepsuit.

7.10pm - I put Molly in her cot with Ewan the Sheep or white noise. 

I can't always guarantee little Molly will sleep through but usually a little back rub or side settling with white noise works a treat. 

Wakeup time is usually between 7am - 7.30am. 

My top sleep tips for babies!

1. Plenty of fresh air and activity throughout the day

2. A relaxing massage

3. White noise

4. A dark room

5. Swaddling for babies who can't yet roll over. I like the "love to dream" swaddle for little Molly.

6. Side settling (Roll her on her side, supporting her tummy with one hand pat her bum with the other hand. Once baby is asleep, roll her onto her back. 

One of the best advice I recieved was from a wonderful friend who told me "The nights are long but the days are short. I would often repeat this to myself when I was having a rough night. With teething and sickness we all get them. When you have these tough nights, coffee and a good moan to a friend always helps and just rest whenever you can. The housework can wait. Babies don't remember a tidy house but you will never forget those gorgeous newborn cuddles.